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877 770-1201

voice mail only, so leave a message with a number to call u back at. OK

M\Major Renovations NOW COMPLETE on the basement level of the party. New look, new layout much cleaner. Includes 2 private rooms 4 rent for people who want some time to themselves.


Next Holiday Event:

PLEASE Tell me what u look like or u will not get in!! If u don't tell me what u look like, u will be DENIED.Weekly sex parties in Brooklyn NY for inshape men of color  & a very very select few whites who send pics and get approved. PLEASE!!Tell me what u look like or u will not get in!! Huge, comfort, discrete location with 2 floors, 2 bathrooms, refreshments, condoms, lube, and more.

Fuck Party Warning:

Unfortunately, too many OverSized people have been getting into my fuck party on Jefferson ave and too many people are rightfully complaining. U will start noticing that the door is going to start getting strict again!! U out of shape people will not be getting in anymore. I don't care how many years u have been coming or how well I know u. I'm not expecting perfect gym bodies, but if u don't have a flat belly and if u have breasts, u will not get in. It's not personal. If u are fat, u will not get in just because u show up with your in-shape friends. It's just business. Also, Clean your hole, brush your teeth, take showers, use deodorant b4 u get here. Good hygiene is very important.


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